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How can I believe sellers? Every freelancer who joins our site, like you, must agree to the WorkNoble.com Terms of Service. Prior to placing your order with a freelancer, you can send them any additional paperwork (like an NDA) for their signature through chat (as an attachment). Before continuing, freelancers must decide if they accept your terms and sign your documentation. Remember that any additional agreements must not conflict with the WorkNoble.com Terms of Service.

Do I need to take any safety precautions with vendors before or after placing my order? Our Terms of Service generally cover most issues, including confidentiality, and WorkNoble.com withholds payments until your order is finished. However, we kindly request that you do not reveal your personal contact information and avoid interacting through external platforms because we will be unable to help with any issue that occurs outside of WorkNoble.com.

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What should I do if a merchant has problems with me mid-order? You have a number of alternatives if you are dissatisfied with an ongoing order. Always start by attempting to talk things out with the seller personally. We discover that a little extra communication can frequently go a long way. There is a cancellation suggestion area on every order page as well. Our customer support team is accessible around the clock if you ever need assistance. To get assistance, get in touch with them and provide them with the specifics of your order.

What happens if I'm not happy with the seller? Please be aware that there is a 13-day grace period after an order has been marked complete in case you have any problems with a seller due to an order. We can cancel the order for you during this period. The seller may withhold payment for the order after this time period is over, and cancellation is subject to the seller's consent. You can get in touch with our Support Specialists by creating a ticket here if you need more assistance.

What do levels represent? As a measure of quality, levels are used. They show both the quantity and caliber of all the orders a freelancer has completed.

Level 1: Finished at least 0 orders promptly and received a 4.5 rating.

Level 2: At least 50 orders were successfully completed with a minimum rating of 4.5.

How much does WorkNoble cut from Sellers?

There's a good chance that if you're a freelancer, you've heard of WorkNoble.com. On WorkNoble.com, freelancers can publicize their services and make money every day!

Freelancers can sell their services on WorkNoble.com, but it's essential to understand how much we keep from each transaction. Sellers should be aware of a 20% WorkNoble.com fee when setting your prices for your offerings.


During the approval process, we have the option to edit your gig description, title, SEO, and search tags to ensure they meet our standards, especially in cases where sellers haven't provided sufficient information.

A WorkNoble.com BAN can result from requesting personal contact information such as WhatsApp, or Telegram numbers. All interactions and transactions must strictly occur within the WorkNoble.com platform. Please be aware that we cannot ensure the security of any off-platform dealings or conversations.

Note: If a user is banned from Worknoble.com, all associated records (gigs, transactions, conversations, reviews, etc.) will be permanently deleted. This action is irreversible.